Energy and Environment - EcoSystems means energy savings

CO2 emissions must be cut to protect the climate and environment now and into the future. That is something we place great value on. For efficient use of energy, we design lamps and luminaires that makes this possible.

According to, 19% of electricity worldwide is used for lighting. Around 85% of our products were designed for energy-saving technologies. Our EcoSystems assortment offers a wide selection of lamps and luminaires to reduce energy use by 50-80%. In addition to energy saving, we focus on design and user value.

Along with energy efficiency, Paulmann reduces CO2 emissions of the raw materials that go into them:

  • By recycling our transport packaging, by more than 120 tons of CO2 are saved each year.
  • By using a carton erector in the logistics department, we are able to save some 330 tonnes of paper annually.

Our products are environmentally sound and energy efficient according to Directive 2009/125/EC (ecodesign).