Family and commitment

Employment and the Paulchen Club

In the Paulchen Club, Paulmann employees are provided the opportunity of having their children up to the age of three taken care of in a company-own nursery. Paulmann thereby facilitates an optimal re-entry into employment. The specially designed rooms for this and the 400 m² outdoors area offer the little ones space for playing and romping also during fair weather. Up to ten children are cared for by childcare moms and dads.

We gladly show commitment — Paulmann regularly patronises children and youth

Spendenübergabe an das Schul-, Sport- und Jugendamt der Stadt Springe

Paulmann sponsors various projects of the youth welfare office of the town and Springe and youth club activities in Völksen. Paulmann is known and valued for its philanthropy with children and young people in Springe and has been awarded with the certificate "Family-friendly corporation" by the town of Springe.

The following projects were supported for example in the past years:

  • Support of the "Antolin" project: Antolin is an innovative portal for reading promotion from grades one to ten. The students read a book and then answer interactive quiz questions about the content. In this manner, Antolin promotes reading comprehension and motivates the students to examine the content of the read material.

  • Support of the "Faustlos" (fistless) project: Projects are carried out in the childcare centres that are important and enduring for the social development of our children. For example, in nearly all childcare centres in Springe, the "Faustlos" project is carried out; a program for promoting self-assertion against violence.

  • Support of the QualiAktivPass: The QualiAktivPass is a 24-page brochure from the town of Springe that should improve the opportunities of young people during the transition from school to a vocation by providing many tips all about the topic of job applications and special forms for documentation of personal and vocational competences.

  • Support of the "Respekt" campaign: The "Respekt" campaign of the school, sport and youth welfare office should clearly emphasize the civil commitment and the honorary office in public awareness; underlining the necessity and the importance of the participation of the citizens in the common welfare.

As a building sponsor for SOS Children's Villages, Paulmann recently donated lighting to the SOS Children's Village in Gera. Press spokeswoman Viola Peine says: "We are glad to be able to add warmth and light to the children's living environment with our lamps."  

Paulmann has made 25,000 euros available to victims of the flooding catastrophe. "We are deeply affected by the scale of the flooding and the impact it has had on people's lives," explains Detlev Paulmann, spokesperson of the Management Board. "It therefore goes without saying that a family company like ours will demonstrate social responsibility by providing aid."

Culture after closing time

Paulmann's "Culture after closing time" event series takes place six times a year with music, readings and cabaret.

Interested internal and external people can enjoy the after-hours in the Paulmann casino. For a kindergarten-euro, which is donated to childcare centres around town, about 45 minutes of music, presentations, readings and cabaret are offered. The state of Lower Saxony awarded Paulmann with the Kultur-Kontakte-Preis for this event series.