Don't save light, save energy!

How do I find the ideal lighting solution for my home?

The ideal lighting for homes depends on which of the four energy-saving technologies (LED, energy-saving bulbs, low-voltage halogen and high voltage halogen) are used. Each of these technologies offer their own unique advantages and you need to consider these in your lighting design.

LEDs can now be used throughout the house in applications ranging from orientation lights to room lights. The filigree lamps, which feature a service life of up to 25,000 hours, provide direct or wide-beam lighting and represent a great option for all residential areas. Even for exterior lighting, where frequently the lights remain on all night for security reasons, we recommend the LED technology which reduces energy use by 80% savings.

Energy-saving bulbs can be used anywhere where constant lighting is required. Thanks to advances, it now provides warm white light. Energy-saving bulbs, which feature a service life of around 8,000 hours with 80% lower energy use, work well in the kitchen or hobby room. In combination with creative and decorative lamps, an energy-saving bulb delivers the most appealing light even in the living room.

Low-voltage halogen lamps provide a vibrant, near white light. These bold, high-contrast lamps are ideal for object lighting. By using filigree lamps, you use 50% less power versus conventional lamps. Variable dimming makes it possible to cut energy use even more and create the corresponding atmosphere in any type of home. Low-voltage halogen lamps are therefore particularly well-suited for use in the bathroom, living room or bedroom. Low-voltage halogen lamps feature a high colour rendering index, i.e., the colour is a true to life as in the great outdoors.

In every home and flat, there are many areas where savings can be made. When purchasing a luminaire, you need to consider the intended application before selecting your personal, energy-efficient light solution.