Continuous Lighting with Energy Saver

Energy Saver - long service life and ready for the future

Energy-saving bulbs can be used wherever continuous lighting is required. With a service life of about 8,000 hours and energy savings of up to 80%, they shed a diffuse light in the colours warm, neutral or cold white. In connection with creative and decorative lighting fixtures, an energy-saving lamp can also provide the most beautiful light in every room!


Advantages of the Energy Saver Technology:

  • Low consumption: energy-saving bulbs save up to 80 % electricity
  • Long service life: up to 8,000 hours service life
  • Colour temperatures from warm white (2700 Kelvin), neutral white (4000 Kelvin) to daylight white (6400 Kelvin)
  • Soft light for good room illumination
  • Ideal for continuous light
  • Decorated shapes and colours for divers luminaire styles

Paulmann energy-saving bulbs are manufactured with chemically bound mercury (amalgam). If the bulb breaks in the switched-off state, mercury is not released as a gas, but instead, as a solid material; this material can be safely disposed of by taking just a few safety precautions.


Paulmann supplies energy-saving bulbs in all of the standard shapes available for conventional bulbs. Whether strip lights, candles or round bulbs - their attractive design provides an additional incentive to save energy with home lighting! The compact construction of the energy-saving bulbs, as small as 62 mm in height or as narrow as 30 mm in diameter, makes them suitable for use in a wide range of lighting fixtures. 

The Highlights: