Gentle Halogen Light

Halogen Lamps – brilliant as an incandescent bulb

Halogen lamps give off a warm, bright and natural light. Bold and with high contrast, they create a welcoming splash of light in any home. The finely made, low-voltage lamps provide energy savings of up to 50% in comparison with conventional incandescents. The high-voltage versions provide savings of up to 25%. Variable dimming makes additional energy savings possible and provides the right mood for every situation. Halogen lamps have the best colour temperature. Colours appear as they would in natural sunlight.


Advantages of the Halogen Technology:

  • 50 % less energy consumption with High Voltage Halogen, 25 % with Low Voltage Halogen
  •  Variable dimming: Mood and brightness as needed, additional energy conservation
  • High colour rendering (true colour effect, just like under the open sky)
  • Accentuated light superbly suited as living room lighting and object lighting
  • service life: Low Voltage Halogen up to 5,000 hours, High Voltage Halogen up to 2,000 hours
  • Pleasant colour temperatures: 3000 Kelvin (warm white)
  • On immediately: With full initial brightness
  • Real replacement for bulbs: Decorated shapes and colours for divers luminaire style
Halogen lamps

Paulmann offers a number of halogen bulbs with special functions, including Security bulbs (diffuses 80% of the heat to the front - ideal for recessed lighting) or Maxiflood bulbs (gives off even amounts of light in every direction - ideal for coloured lamp shades) and decorated light bulbs.

Decorated Halogen Lamps:

  • Decorated Halogen Lamps
  • Decorated Halogen Lamps
  • Decorated Halogen Lamps

Chandeliers and wall lights continue to steal the limelight with this series, which provi­des an excellent solution everywhere light bulbs shine.

In this assortment, Paulmann presents the popular surfaces originally available with the good old incandescents: opal, satin, gold, ice crystal, crocoisite and head mirror bulbs. In addition, those with a passion for light will appreciate shapes such as the classic general lamp, globe, candle, drop and flame tip candle.

The basis of this product is an E14 or E27 socket with an insert for a G9 pin base “Halo+”. A 42 watt „Halo+“ pin base provi­des the rough equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb.The basic socket is combined with a wide range of decorated glass bulbs with screw threads.

The „decorated halogen lamp“ emits a brilliant and welcoming warm-white light with a colour temperature of 2,900 kelvin. The halogen lamps can be dimmed as desired, to create a cosy atmosphere and save energy.

When replacement becomes due, the end user only needs to exchange the G9 pin base instead of the entire light bulb. Thus the amount of waste generated is minimised.