IP Safe Areas: Overview and explanations

Spray protected

Splash protected

Water jet protected against direct water jets and 12 V (low voltage protector)

Water proof during temporary immersion and 12 V (low voltage protector)

Rooms with electrical systems acc. to DIN VDE 0100 T.701 (areas valid for ceilings up to 2.25 m)

Only luminaires that are covered by a permanently attached glass plate may be installed in the ceiling or where the operation is low voltage protector. This is not relevant for ceiling above 2.25 m.

The safety power source has to be outside the marked areas and there needs to be protection against direct contact of live parts.

Cable and lines up to 5 cm deep in wall: only vertical layout and cable inlet in the back side of the luminaire.

The evaluation of the areas must be conducted by a local electrician in accordance with national installation regulations.

IP safety classification