LED strips by Paulmann

LED strips: For every situation, the perfect light

With LED strips by Paulmann, you can bathe every room in light that feels good. Our LED products really can do it all: They make your furniture seem weightless, make your walls glow, provide stair lighting to make your home safer, and fill rooms with indirect, colourful light that reaches not just your eyes, but all of your senses.

Let us spark your imagination! Follow these links to discover the light effects you can achieve with LED strips:

A welcoming atmosphere with LEDs
Indirect light creates a glare-free, cosy atmosphere. Follow this link to discover ways LED light bars can improve the feeling of a space.
LED background lighting for your television
The best of movie entertainment: With LED strips, you can easily match the lighting effects behind your television to the atmosphere of a film.
LED lighting in the bathroom
The perfect light for waking up or for unwinding after work. Splash protected LED strips are in a league of their own when it comes to bathroom lighting.

LED interior lighting in the kitchen
Let a beautifully arranged buffet shine and create just the right atmosphere for a friendly gathering around the table: LED light bars for lighting for work surfaces, background lighting and accent lighting make it easy.
Safety first with LED strips
Accessibility and safety are both important matters for a home – and would hardly be possible without the right lighting. LED strips ensure staircases, walkways, shelves and cupboards are amply lit. Read on for more on how to use LED strips to make your home safer.
Present your furniture in just the right light
Use light to highlight the objects you treasure: The display case glows with light from within; big cushy armchairs are suddenly weightless; rooms seem modern, airy and casually furnished.

Cool effect lighting with LED strips
A party with standard ceiling lighting? Inconceivable! Black light, RGB colours or strobe effects create the right mood. Tips for spectacular staging.
The effect of light
Luminous colours directly influence our spirits. With coloured LED strips, you can consciously control the effect of the light. Click here to find out how.

LED strips by Paulmann don't just look great. They also offer you many benefits

  • Our LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
  • They do not emit UV or infrared light, are free of mercury, and can be recycled.
  • Thanks to their compact design, they fit anywhere and because the back is adhesive, they are easy to mount.
  • In addition to the stimulating daylight white, our LED strips are also available in warm white and as coloured RGB light, featuring a number of dimming levels. RGB means: The luminous colours red, green and blue are mixed so that you can create a range of different nuanced shades of colour.
  • YourLED products by Paulmann are conceived as modules for you to mix and match according to your needs: An uninterrupted length of up to 25 metres is possible. The ECO version is easy to trim to size and reconnect. The coated version is splash protected and even suitable for rooms regularly exposed to moisture.
  • Our Delta and Duo profiles are real eye-catchers: These quality mounting solutions make YourLEDs look especially elegant and can be used to create subtle background lighting.
  • The complete sets of LED strips consist of LED light bars, cables, plug-in connectors, power supply units, and in some cases, even a remote control. The sets work according to the principle: Choose it, unpack it, mount it – done!
LED stripes and profiles

LED-Stripes and compatibly profiles

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