Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting with LED strips: cosy, decorative, dramatic.
Indirect lighting with LED strips: cosy, decorative, dramatic.

Indirect lighting: A pleasing ambiance with LEDs

Indirect lighting is especially ideal as LED interior lighting, because its light is diffuse and free of glare. Mounted to the ceiling or baseboards, modern strips provide warm light that hardly creates shadows and is ideally distributed through the room.

LED strips make rooms seem more spacious

Practical LED lighting is excellent for mounting to walls as well as on window sills. Other possibilities for energy-saving LED interior lighting are on window frames and suspended ceilings. The indirect lighting with LEDs makes rooms seem more spacious and creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

Equipping the LED strips to create adjustable lighting effects

Duo Profile
In the aluminum profiles, the LED stripes are glued at different positions - different lighting scenarios arise

To mount the LED interior lighting, Paulmann has developed special profiles – Duo and Delta – that allow the strips to be mounted in such a way that they give off light in one direction (for instance, toward the ceiling) or even in two directions. The strips themselves disappear behind the profiles: This makes creating indirect lighting with LEDs quick and easy. A diffusor makes the light especially soft.

Depending on how the strips are placed, different spatial and lighting effects result. High ceilings, for instance, can be optically lowered by mounting LED strips horizontally in profiles that direct the light toward the floor. To use the lighting effect to make a space seem bigger, simply mount the LED strips so that the ceiling is lit up and accented. Strips mounted around windows, window sills or curtain rods dramatically highlight your curtains.

Those who want to go further than merely using the "Duo Profil" for lighting effects can also use it to light up the entire room. Up to four parallel stuck-on strips create sufficient brightness of over 1,000 lumen per meter. This corresponds to around the same luminous power as a 75 watt light bulb.

These Paulmann products will help you create just the right lighting effect:

YourLED Stripes

On ceilings, baseboards or windows, YourLED products can be mounted in Duo or Delta profiles to give off indirect light in the luminous colours warm white, daylight or as RGB coloured light. This LED lighting provides a warm atmosphere and adds greater depth to a room.


Duo und Delta Profil

Duo Profil and Delta Profil are YourLED mounting solutions for decorative LED lighting. The aluminium profiles can be equipped with a diffusor to screen off direct light. They can be shortened as needed and are suitable for walls, ceilings, windows (Duo Profil) and baseboards (Delta Profil).



The BackLight Profil was specially developed for glass shelves in display cases. Simply insert the YourLED strips, and place the profile on the back edge of a glass shelf with a thickness of four to eight mm: All of its edges immediately begin to give off light. The effect extends to all of the glass objects in the display case.


FlatLED provides indirect light in any space. The strips, adhesive in back and featuring a rubberised surface, can easily be trimmed to shape and mounted below sills or window ledges.




The right product for colourful plays of light: The plug-in system FixLED can be attached to shelves or near the fireplace to dramatically highlight areas of the room with indirect light and 16 different colours. The dimmable strips can be controlled using a remote control included with the product.



ModuLED is ideal as subtle display case lighting or under-cabinet lighting. The LEDs are integrated in quality aluminium rails and need only be snapped into the fastening clips, which are mounted beforehand using adhesive pads. The optional spot “Geo” can be used to create lighting accents on small pieces of art in shelves or alcoves.