LED lighting in the bathroom: Coated LED light bars by Paulmann

LED lighting in the bathroom
In the bathroom, it's especially important to have a variety of light sources. LED light bars are the ideal solution for every situation.

LED lighting in the bathroom: Let light create your mood

In the bathroom, you need various qualities of light: Sometimes the lighting needs to be functional, sometimes romantic. LED bathroom lighting provides the perfect solution. In the morning, when things need to go fast and your mood needs that extra pick-me-up, LED light bars fill the room with friendly, clear light. The indirect light of LED strips is the ideal complement for mirror lighting, providing even, seamless illumination for a close shave or perfectly applied eye liner.

In the evening, when it's time to forget the stress of the day, colourful LED interior lighting in the bathroom can be dimmed to create mood. Warm, flattering light is just right for enjoying luxurious hours in the bath, alone or with company.

LED light bars: The most beautiful quality of light for your bathroom

You can creatively play with both the quality and intensity of the LED interior lighting. And not just in terms of the level of brightness of the LED lighting in the bathroom. Beautiful effects can also be created by playing with colours. Let the sun rise in the mornings with the glow of red-orange or light yellow LED light bars. When you want to unwind after a hot, stressful day, the cool, blue tones of the LED interior lighting have a soothing effect. To create effects by highlighting the structure of a space, you can also mount LED light bars along walls, cabinets, and the ceiling. Paulmann has the right LED light to suit every taste and every space.

These Paulmann products will help you create just the right lighting effect:

YourLED stripes

The glazed YourLED products are ideal everywhere in the bathroom where generous amounts of indirect light are required: for instance at the vanity table or next to the mirror for shaving. LED strips are available in two luminous colours: in flattering warm white and clear daylight. The coating and the separate splash protection ensure that splash water doesn't have a chance against the LED strips: This makes them the ideal lighting for the bathroom counter.

YourLED stripes

The colourful light of the glazed YourLED RGB strips will magically conjure up a variety of moods of light in your bathroom. Colourful, dimmable light in yellow or orange lifts your spirit early in the morning. In the evening, calming blue and red tones help you relax. Thanks to their coating, the coloured RGB strips are splash protected, making them suitable for the bathroom.

Delta and Duo Profil

Use the glazed LED strips with a Delta or Duo profil: These profiles can be used to conceal YourLEDs and provide a stylish installation in areas such as above the bathroom counter.