LED modules and the influence of their colour of light

YourLED  - effect of luminous colours
LED modules with colour change system: The right colour of light can help you focus on work, make culinary creations impossible to resist, and lift you out of the doldrums

The effect of light: How to use LED modules to fill your home with the right light

effect of luminous colours

All of us have experienced how the colour of light can influence our sense of well-being: Rooms flooded with white light strike us as practical, sober, puritan. The more red there is in the light, the warmer it appears. Blue light, on the other hand, tends to appear cool. Rooms painted blue appear up to two degrees cooler to us than rooms painted white.


Knowing and controlling the effects of light

With LED strips RGB, you can consciously take advantage of the effects of colour. With the push of a button, you can immerse your home in a range of colours – using LED modules. And you don't even have to repaint a single wall. For instance, provide orange background lighting to create the ideal atmosphere for a cosy evening meal. Orange coloured light is also especially well-suited for the kitchen and dining room, because orange light stimulates the appetite and activates your metabolism.

When your children sit at the table doing homework after school, create the ideal atmosphere by adjusting the LED colour change system: With the remote control, you can switch to daylight white – a bright, slightly bluish colour of light. This colour tone is invigorating and promotes concentration, as researchers at the University of Surrey near London have discovered.


Yellow light for living spaces, red light for exciting accents

Yellow light colours act like sunshine, lift people's spirits, and radiates peace and warmth – LED strips RGB make it easy to bring these wellness colours into your living room. The colour red draws attention. It stands for passion, sensuality and self-confidence. Use LED modules to create attractive lighting accents in this colour; for instance, by using backlighting to indirectly cast light on a special painting on the wall, a beautiful vase or a designer piece. Exercise restraint when working with red lighting accents, or the light will quickly come across as overbearing.

These Paulmann products will help you create just the right lighting effect:

YourLED Stripes

Create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your living room: YourLED Stripes in warm white with the LED colour change system create individualized lighting moods. Use LED strips RGB for background lighting near the television or lighting accents around a sideboard, a shelf or the sofa.


Duo Profiles

Duo Profiles and LED strips RGB bathe entire walls in light. This allows you to quickly create a harmonious atmosphere and immerse the room in subtle light – even with the LED colour change system.

Function USB-Stripes

The Function USB-Stripes are suitable for decorative auxiliary lighting on the keyboard, radio or PC casing. The LED strips in the luminous colours white, blue, or red and white, give off glare-free light to the side. They can be quickly installed without using tools thanks to their adhesive backing.