Luminous colour or colour temperature

What is the luminous colour or colour temperature?

Luminous colour

warm light - cold light
Left: Warm white light - Right: Daylight

The colour temperature or luminous colour is specified in units of Kelvin (K) and indicates whether the white light is warmer and yellower or cooler and bluer. Warm white light has the quality of daylight in the late afternoon; it has a comforting and relaxing effect.

  • Colour temperatures of up to 3,300 Kelvin are described as warm white. The new Paulmann LED lamps shine with 2700 Kelvin, as the familiar light bulb.

  • Neutral white light is invigorating. It has a luminous colour of 3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin.

  • Daylight white encourages concentration. A luminous colour of over 5,300 Kelvin is described as daylight.

What does the luminous colour have to do with my body clock?

The spectrum of visible light – the small range of electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye – ranges from 380 nanometres (violet light) to 780 nm (red light). In sunlight, these components add up to form white light. The colour temperature in units of Kelvin (K) describes the degree of whiteness of natural or artificial light.

Warm white
Neutral white
Daylight white
Neutral white
Warm white

In the middle of the day, sunlight is at around 8000 Kelvin (daylight white); the morning and afternoon sun is at 5000 Kelvin (neutral white, between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin). Neutral white light is invigorating; daylight white encourages concentration – and this helps us during the active phase of the day.

As evening, the time of rest for us humans, approaches, the light becomes increasingly red. This warm white range starts at 3300 Kelvin. Incandescent bulbs, which are especially popular among consumers, provide light with 2700 Kelvin; a candle generates 1500 Kelvin. Our body clock has evolved to link warm light with the end of the day's work. It heralds the recuperation phase of the night and therefore has a comforting and relaxing effect – the right condition for a restful night's sleep.  

Product tips:

lampe with warm white light

For warm white light: LED Premium AGL 11W E27 230V 2700K dimmable

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lamp with neutral white light

For neutral white light: LED Premium stick 12W R7s 230V neutral white dimmable

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Lamp for daylight

For daylight white: LED reflector 8W GU5,3 12V 6500K

A high proportion of blue light creates cool, invigorating light - ideal for your working environment.

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Ice Blue Lamp

Ice Blue light: LED Special reflector 5,5W GU5,3 12V Ice Blue 30°

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gold light

Gold light: LED drop 4W E14 230V gold light 2000K

An extraordinarily warm light that creates a romantic atmosphere and gives your home the feel of a palace.