How to search in the product catalogue?

Alternatively you may use the direct search which you find on the right top of the site. By clicking a product you reach a detailed desription. Here you find features such as various pictures which you can enlarge easily. Further information about technique or related products you find there below the tabs at the bottom of the page.

By clicking PRODUCTS in the main navigation bar you reach the products categories LUMINAIRES, BULBS, ACCESSORIES. After Clicking one of these the article ranges such as RECESSED LUMINAIRES, FURNITURE LUMINAIRES, WIRE SYSTEMS etc appear. A Click on one of these produces an overview with all articles. For reducing this choice you may use the product-filter which you fin abobe the product overview. Here you can reduce the number of search results by selecting among techniques, colours, materials etc. Each chosen filter changes the search result.

How to find my products in the catalogue?

You find a search box on every page in the catalogue (PRODUCTS below the main navigation bar on the upper right side of each page. When typing a search item a list with suggested items is shown. Here you may choose your category. Article Numbers may be typed with or without dot.

Fault-tolerant search

Search results will appear even if the search items are misspelled, not correctly combined or contain special characters. For producing useful results the search engine uses intelligent techniques, so it will show related results automatically.

Combining search items

If you are searching an article which discription contains more than one search item, please type a blank between them.

Searching random characters

Questionmark (?) stands for (?) one random character. The asterisk (*) stands for a string of random characters (S?archit*).