1. FolderHome Light for well-being by Paulmann: bulbs, luminaires, fixtures, lamps and lighting systems with energy saving technologies LED, energy saver and halogen. Downlights, Recessed luminaires, Wire systems, Rail systems, Spotlights, Wall lamps, Pendant lamps, Ceiling lamps.
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    1. PageProduct news You can find our new product highlights here. Rummage in the Paulmann lighting ideas!
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    1. FolderTips for good light 
      1. PageLamp replacement with LED Do you want to replace the lamps in your existing lights with LED bulbs? Find out how it's done in just a few easy steps.
      2. PageRoom illumination How much power is required to illuminate a room? Find out more here!
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      1. PageLumen comparison How bright is 5 watts? How bright is 300 lumen? Multiply the output of the old bulbs in watts by 10 and you will get an approximate lumen value. This table lists the exact values:
      2. PageLuminous colour The colour temperature or luminous colour is specified in units of Kelvin (K) and indicates whether the white light is warmer and yellower or cooler and bluer. What does the luminous colour have to do with my body clock?
      3. PageDimming lamps By dimming a light you can produce different lighting moods. Discover the advantages here.
    3. PageRecessed luminaires Recessed lights are available in all energy-saving technologies. The installation options are almost endless: Recessed spotlight, surface-mounted spotlight, under-cabinet lamp, recessed wall light, tile lighting, recessed furniture lamp, floor lighting...
    4. FolderLED strips LED strips by Paulmann: energy-saving, long service life, easy to mount. Let us show you the world of possibilities for transforming living spaces with our LED light bars.
      1. PageIndirect lighting Indirect lighting: The LED strips by Paulmann provide cosy, warm LED interior lighting and make rooms seem larger.
      2. PageBackground lighting for the TV Background lighting for the TV: Expertly setting the stage for your television with LED strips by Paulmann.
      3. PageLED light bars bathroom The perfect LED lighting in the bathroom – the LED light bars by Paulmann make it easy to create every lighting mood.
      4. PageLED lighting kitchen Lighting in the kitchen: LED lighting with LED strips by Paulmann – for LED under-cabinet lighting and interior lighting.
      5. PageLED strips safety LED strips by Paulmann: The best lighting for more safety; LED strip with or without batteries, for better orientation in cabinets and drawers
      6. PageFurniture lighting Use LED strip lights to expertly create lighting accents: An LED strip light by Paulmann lets display cases or party buffets shine and adds a sense of weightlessness to beds or armchairs.
      7. PageEffect lighting Party: LED black lights and other LED strips by Paulmann will transform any living room into a disco or lounge for chilling out. LEDs with easy, do-it-yourself assembly
      8. PageRGB colour effect LED modules and the influence of their colour of light: The LED colour change system of the LED strips RGB ensures the mood is always right
    5. PageIP Safe Areas IP Safe Areas
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    1. FolderFrequently asked questions (FAQ) 
      1. FolderFAQ - Rail Systems 
        1. PageURail: Terminal infeed can be shorted URail: Elegant final connection between power outlet and rails. Terminal infeed can be shorted
      2. PageFAQ - Dimming Here you can find useful answers about dimming lamps.
    2. FolderPaulmann's World of Light In Paulmann's World of Light, Anita and Jens will show you in short monthly YouTube videos how to use lighting in your own home.
      1. PageLED backlighting for the television LED strips – create beautiful lighting effects for the living room With the help of LED strips you can create beautiful lighting effects in the living room. Using her TV cabinet as an example, Anita is going to show you how you can highlight your TV furniture with a lighting strip and indirect light.
      2. PageLamp or luminaire Ceiling luminaires, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, floor luminaires, light bulbs, LED lamps - get an insight into the terms used in the world of lighting here.
      3. PageURail installation Today, Jens will show you how to install the URail LED rail system yourself without any difficulty. Using the URail brochure, we'll show you how you can plan your Paulmann rail system yourself and what you need to watch out for to make installation of the power rails easy. See for yourself.
      4. PageURail planning The URail rail system from Paulmann is a real all-rounder. In today's video, Anita will show you how you can comfortably light your kitchen, dining room and living room with a power rail and LED spotlights, and how LED light looks in the different room situations.
      5. Pagegarden lighting Garden lighting - what are the best choices for outdoor lamps?
      6. PageDimmable LED lamps Not all bulbs are suitable for dimming. In this video, Jens explains which transformer and which dimmer you'll need for your LED, halogen, or incandescent bulb, and what you should keep in mind when using dimmable bulbs to adjust the lighting and brightness in your home.
      7. PageRecessed spotlights Recessed lights have many different uses. They can be used in furniture, the kitchen, the living room, the dining area and, of course, the bathroom. They suit every decorating style. Anita presents 5 lighting situations with recessed lighting.
      8. PageMounting recessed spotlights Fitting LED recessed lighting is really easy. Jens takes you through it step by step and tells you what you should bear in mind so that it can be just as easy for you at home. See for yourself how easy it is to install spotlights.
      9. PageLED lamp What are LED lamps, and how do they compare to other kinds of lamps? Today I'm going to show you what LEDs can be used for.
      10. PageLumens Today I will explain the way you can tell how bright a bulb is and how to find the suitable replacement for your worn-out incandescent light bulbs.
      11. PageKelvin Ein anderer Begriff für die Lichtfarbe ist die Farbtemperatur und die hat einen großen Einfluss auf unsere Stimmung...
    3. PageVideos Plese find hiere the Paulmann company- and product videos
    4. FolderInstallation guides 
      1. PageManual Corner Profil Manual Corner Profil
      2. PageManual Dimm Switch Controller  Manual Dimm Switch Controller
      3. PageManual Digital LED Stripe Please find the manual for Digital LED Stripes (704.80 and 704.81).
    5. FolderTips on installation 
      1. PageInstallation tip LED Panels LED Panels provide basic area lighting. It's just as if the rooms have been fitted with a skylight to let in the daylight. It's so easy:
      2. PageTips on installation ULine Galeria Put your pictures in the proper light: The elegant ULine Galeria rail system can be custom assembled for illuminating your home art collection to create a complete picture gallery.
    6. PageTips for saving energy Tips for saving energy with lighting
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      1. PageEcolabel Ecolabel: Paulmann fulfils all legal requirements for lamps and luminaires.
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      1. PageManufacturing Only selected manufacturing companies produce our goods. We have been working together for years with many of them.
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    1. PageHow to get there This is how you find us: Paulmann Licht GmbH, Quezinger Feld 2, 31832 Springe