About us - Paulmann provides light for well-being

company's founder Rüdiger Paulmann; dekorative bulb

For over 35 years Paulmann has committed itself fully to providing light. For each Paulmann employee this means: We provide good light for our customers. And this means light for well-being - in all rooms. Paulmann lamps and luminaires, over 2,500 in total, live up to this claim.

Paulmann Licht is a family-owned company based in Springe, Germany, with offices and operations in over 40 countries.

Paulmann management board: Detlev Paulmann, Dirk Oldenburg and Thomas Hamann (left to right)

Since 2004 Detlev Paulmann is the second generation of the family to serve as managing director of the company founded by his father Rudiger. For him good lighting is key to our quality of life with many possibilities yet explored in how to bring light into homes. "We as humans are reliant on our eyes and therefore light. The light not only creates the atmosphere for our rooms and provides orientation, but also has a major influence on our mood and sense of well-being. For this reason we view our products as much more than simply aesthetic fixtures. Light is our mission! We improve the quality of our customers' lives. That is what we have in mind when we design our products."

How did it all begin? What does the future hold in store? Detlev Paulmann: 'The history of our company began when my father transformed the simple light bulb into a source of light available with a range decorative features. Paulmann then went on to establish the wire system as a flexible solution for most any room. We continue to develop and improve on these lighting systems featuring high-quality, low-voltage halogen light. In the process, we have rounded out the line of light products for the living space to include all other applications: rail systems, recessed luminaires, spotlights, ceiling and wall lamps and many other special types of lamps. Our goal is to offer good light for any situation. For this reason, all light sources, i.e., lamps and luminaires, are available with halogen, energy-saving and LED technology. The LED solutions are already in widespread use today and, due to the advantages they offer in terms of looks and energy efficiency, their use will continue to grow.'

On a further note, we at Paulmann are not alone in thinking our company is truly unique. The association of family entrepreneurs believes that too and awarded the Entrepreneur Award 2011 to Paulmann.

A Paulmann team of 500 people, 278 in the headquater in Springe, have the motto "light by people, for people". They make Paulmannto a dynamic family-owned enterprise with a cooperative company culture.

This is also reflected in the company values:

  • We, the Paulmann team worldwide, stand for openness, honesty and confidence.
  • We care about people and treat them with courtesy and respect.
  • We act on our own responsibility for our joint success.
  • We will always continue to develop our performance and learn from our mistakes.
  • We enjoy our work.