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LED lamps: Just as attractive as the old incandescent light bulb

LED lamps: Just as attractive as the old incandescent light bulb

It comes in a number of different forms with various surfaces, brightnesses and luminous colours – the LED bulb. There is no longer any need for them to play second best to the popular incandescent light bulb. On the contrary, besides providing warm white light, they are also efficient and enable up to 80% energy savings which puts money in your pocket and helps protect the environment.

Paulmann now also offers the popular surfaces originally available with conventional incandescent light bulbs but with LED technology: opal, satin, gold, ice crystal, crocoisite or crown reflector bulbs and many more. In addition, those with a passion for light will appreciate shapes such as the globe, candle, Cosylight, DecoPipe or round bulb – and, of course, the standard shape of the classic all-purpose lamp.

This makes them the ideal replacement in chandeliers, wall lamps or other lights in which the bulb is visible.

This information will help you choose the right replacement bulb:

Luminous colour

colour temperature or luminous colour

The colour temperature or luminous colour is specified in units of kelvin (K) and indicates whether the white light is more a warm yellow or a cold blue tone. Warm white light has the quality of daylight in the late afternoon; it creates a cosy and relaxing ambience. Neutral white light is invigorating. Daylight white enhances concentration. Colour temperatures of up to 3,300 K are considered warm white, from 3,300 K to 5,300 K, neutral white and above 5,300 K, daylight white.



The unit of measurement lumen (lm) specifies the total amount of light that an omnidirectional lamp emits in terms of luminous flux. The lumen value provides a much more accurate indication of brightness than the power consumption in watt (W).

Screw base

screw base

The screw base of a bulb is screwed into the socket of a lighting fixture, which supplies the bulb with current.

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How do LED lamps compare to other kinds of lamps?

With LED lamps you can save money. Anita explains you the advantages and disadvantages of LEDs compared to bulbs, like the old bulb , halogen lamps and energy saving lamps. In addition, Anita shows you applications and dispels prejudices about LED light.

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