Micro Pen


Highlights on your Terrace with the Micro Pen

After dark, subtle light effects can bring your garden to life! The „Special Line Micro Pen“ creates highlights on wood floorboards or wall panelling. Each of the cent-sized fittings contains an integrated recessed LED; the glimmering points of light add a touch of sparkle to terraces or balconies.

Made of high quality stainless steel, the set of five recessed lights is rust-free. The waterproof product can withstand all weather conditions and can be walked on.

The „Special Line Recessed Lighting“, with a colour temperature of 3000 kelvin, gives off a warm white, soft light. The „Micro Pen“ is at the top of its class when it comes to efficiency. The light offers up to 80% energy savings in comparison with conventional lights and has a service life of over 30 000 hours.

Assembly is easy; a simple plug-in system with transformer provides the connection to the power supply. The small dimensions and the minimal installation depth of just 46 mm make it possible to install the light in almost any desired position. The five recessed lights can be positioned in a row, with spacing of up to two metres, or they can be arranged in other constellations, such as circles. Those with a passion for light need merely drill a hole in the beam of the terrace, position the light, and screw this into the wood. The mounting fixture will securely hold the light in place.

Mirko Hasse, sales director at Paulmann, already installed the lights himself on his own terrace. „The housing of the recessed light has barely the diameter of a pencil. I drilled five centimetre-sized holes in the wood, led the connecting cord from behind, and then screwed in the screw-on stainless steel decoration from the front. My family is thrilled with the light accents on the terrace.“

The sales director offers another helpful hint: „Micro Pen“ can also be used for interior accent lighting. For example, the Paulmann lights can be used to provide points of light in furniture, or as an alternative, place the lights on decorative trim or panels in the kitchen.