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Being creative with light18.05.2015

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

Recessed lighting can be put to versatile use all over the house[more]

“Luca” recessed lighting series: interchangeable lenses for focussed light13.05.2015

Press infos Paulmann PRO. - exclusive for Specialized Distribution Channel

The “Luca” series comprises four high-quality aluminium recessed lights in the colour variants of brushed aluminium chrome or white matt aluminium or chrome, also available as plaster versions. [more]

Ambience beneath a canopy of stars15.04.2015

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

Tips for designing atmospheric garden lighting[more]

Slot LED distributes outstanding light13.04.2015

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

The Slot LED recessed wall light distributes accent lighting along the facade. [more]

LED lamps: Just as attractive as the old incandescent light bulb11.03.2015

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

It comes in a number of different forms with various surfaces, brightnesses and luminous colours – the LED bulb. There is no longer any need for them to play second best to the popular incandescent light bulb. On the contrary,...[more]

A Coin that is Right for Any Situation23.02.2015

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

Recessed spotlights are very popular – yet DIY hobbyists frequently have qualms about installing them.[more]

The cornerstone of lighting that feels good03.11.2014

Press infos products diy / furniture sector

When planning their own home, people often forget one thing: the lighting plan. Then, later on, they're sitting at home, dazzled by the light, irritated by harsh lighting or lacking light where it's needed.[more]

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