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You can find our new product highlights here. Rummage in the Paulmann lighting ideas!

Because light affects our quality of life, create a pleasant lighting atmosphere at home...

Recessed lights – little stars for impressive lighting effects

When planning their own home, people often forget one thing: the lighting plan.

LED downlights: The cornerstone of lighting that feels good

Dim the light to fit your mood from warm white to gold light...

Dimming luminous colour?

Speciality lights pep up your home...

Professional light tricks for your home

LED Panels provide basic area lighting. It's just as if the rooms have been fitted with a skylight to let in the daylight...

LED Panels as a replacement for windows

Solar lights provide special effects in your garden without the need for cables...

Outdoor ambience

New LED bulbs have now become a genuine 1:1 replacement for the prohibited incandescent bulbs...

LED or incandescent light bulb? – there's virtually no difference

SlideLED rail light – the practical kitchen accessory...

LED light SlideLED for the kitchen

Helpful lighting for your cabinets - installing easily and permanently!

Licht im Spiegelschrank

Helpful lighting for your cabinets - installing easily and permanently!

Licht im Schrank

The LED wire system AirLED appears to float in your space and presents a brilliant display of light...


In many rooms, it's not possible to use recessed lighting due to concrete surfaces or wallpaper background. And then?


Installed between the tiles, GrooveLight brings each tile to life with sparkling light effects.


Wouldn't it be great if you could simply switch on the sun in the comfort of your home?


With LED strips, you can bathe every room in light that feels good...


Lighting for the sleeping room

Paulmann in TV: YourLED Stripes, Delta Profile and SkyLight…

Delta Profil im WDR

DecoSystems recessed lighting provides the chance to play with light in your own four walls…

DecoSystems Einbauleuchten

Paulmann has ten tips for outdoor lighting. Get more infos...


Paulmann Side recessed LED luminaire is awarded iF product design award 2011 by an international jury.

Delta Profil

Enjoy fun in the bath or relaxation with the right lighting...


Replacing for the banned incandescent bulbs

We show you which illuminant replaces the banned incandescent bulbs...

Glühlampen Ersatz