LED backlighting for the television

LED backlighting for the television

For the full cinema experience

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Hollywood goes home cinema: Create the perfect cinema atmosphere with LED background lighting for your TV at the touch of a button. Imagine your flat screen TV glowing a romantic shade of red at the moment Rhett and Scarlett kiss in the classic film “Gone with the Wind”. Or a soft blue bathing your living room in the icy colours of the South Pole when you are following the arduous "March of the Penguins" in the documentary of the same name. It’s matchday? Use green LED backlighting to enhance the colours of the pitch.

YourLED colour change - colourful and lively, just like life

When something really colourful and lively comes on the TV, like the latest Lady Gaga concert, turn on YourLED colour change. This will change the colour of the LED backlighting and create a party atmosphere. Simply use the remote control to control the lighting effect and how often the colour changes. LED backlighting on the TV also makes for a great atmosphere when playing computer games.

„LED strip lights are perfect for highlighting items of furniture with indirect lighting.“ 



Glare-free light: a relief for the eyes

LED backlighting is not only a great way to accentuate your TV and create a cinematic atmosphere in your home, it is also very easy on the eyes. Gone are the days of sitting and watching the TV in the dark or having to put up with glaring light sources. A high contrast between the brightness of the room and the TV screen places excessive strain on the eyes. That’s why, when watching TV you should use indirect light sources which gently illuminate the space behind or next to the device. This allows the iris to close further than in a dark room and makes the images appear crisp and sharp - as they should be. All it takes is a few simple steps for you to experience a whole new level of viewing pleasure with LED backlighting for the TV.

In this video you will learn just how easy it is to mount and install lighting strips.

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LED stripes and profiles

LED-Stripes and compatibly profiles

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These products were used in the video

YourLED Eco Basis Set RGB 3 Meter
(Art.Nr. 704.30)

„LED strips achieve brilliant lighting effects wherever they are.“