URail planning

Paulmann URail - planning the flexible LED rail system

Hello, my name is Anita. Welcome to Paulmann's World of Light on YouTube.

Today I'll be helping friends to plan the lighting in their newly built home.

I'll show you why I've recommended the URail system for the kitchen and living area, and how the light in the rooms will work.

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Planning URail Schienensystem

With the URail rail system, you can produce a range of different lighting scenarios on one continuous rail. You can lay the rail system throughout the entire room, even around corners, from a single power outlet. The light can also be brought any place its needed. Just like here in the house, with my friends.

Select components

URail Komponenten

Here we've opted for the chrome matt variation, which can be attached either directly or at a distance beneath the ceiling. You can choose between complete sets or individual components. The rails, spotlights and pendants are available in a range of colours. The spotlights are available with LED, halogen or energy-saving bulbs.


Planning the kitchen

URail planen

In the kitchen I'm planning different lighting conditions for the worktop, the tall cupboards and the kitchen table using the URail system.

Illuminating the worktop

URail Lichtverteilung

Firstly, we'll start with the worktop and the sink. To illuminate the worktop adequately, we've opted for direct light here. To achieve this, we position the lights over the edge of the worktop. This works wonderfully with this LED spotlight.
As you can see, the worktop is now very well-lit. We've created a nice light pattern on the wall and the drawers opposite in the kitchen island are also getting enough light.

Illuminating the cupboards

URail Schränke ausleuchten

The tall cupboards should be illuminated with a direct, positionable light. Pay attention to the distance, so that these surfaces are illuminated as best possible. The distance to the wall should be between 60cm and 1m.
To do this, we take these swivelling spotlights and direct them onto the surface of the cupboards. This way the interior is sufficiently lit. And look: when I close the door, the bright cupboard surface reflects the light. This way the lighting areas complement each other, creating wonderful room lighting.

Switching individual areas on and off

Schalten mit IR Switch

If you wish to switch on areas individually, I recommend an infra-red sensor with remote control.

Illuminating the dining area

Essbereich mit URail ausleuchten

Now all we need in the kitchen is light for the dining area. For the last element in our URail rail system in the kitchen, we want to achieve both a diffuse and direct light above the dining table using the pendants. With these pendants, which produce soft light, you can achieve wonderfully atmospheric lighting.

Illuminating pictures with URail

Bilder mit URail beleuchten

Of course the URail system is also suitable for other rooms. In the living room too, spotlights are particularly useful. With directional light we can directly illuminate the wall. This allows pictures to really come into their own.

Light on the sofa

URail am Sofa

Here in the cosy section we've opted for the Spot Pillow, as this can produce two different types of light. The reflection of the indirect portion of the light on the ceiling illuminates the room gently and without shadows. The room appears much bigger and the ceiling height less oppressive. The direct portion of the light can be used as an additional reading light.

As you can see, the URail system has many uses. With just one rail and one power outlet, you can create a range of lighting effects in the room and control specific sections using remote control.

Video URail

No doubt you now want to know how the URail system is installed! Just take a look at the video Jens has made.

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I look forward to seeing you the next time.

Bye from me, Anita!