Tips for saving energy with lighting

Tips for saving energy

Join in on saving!

Efficient lighting technologies
Use energy efficient lighting technologies. The optimal lighting for the home depends on the use of three possible light technologiesEfficient Lighting Equipment: low-voltage halogen, LED and energy-saving bulbs. Each of these technologies offers specific advantages that should be considered when designing your lighting.  

Lighting as needed
Switch on the lights only when they pleasantly add to the atmosphere of the home. Lighting up the entire house is often not necessary.  

Switching off
Don't forget to switch off the lights when leaving a room. Otherwise, the electricity meter keeps running unnecessarily.  

Bright walls and ceilings
Paint the walls and ceilings with bright colours, as these reflect the lighting. The entire room then lights up more brightly. This effect oftentimes enables the use of a bulb with lower power consumption.  

Halogen bulbs and many LED lights can be dimmed. This creates in addition to a suitable atmosphere also more potential savings.  

Cleaning bulbs and lighting systems
Clean your bulbs and lighting systems regularly with a dry cloth; this allows the light sources to maintain their light yield. Please make absolutely sure that the bulbs are switched off and have cooled down.  

Motion detector
Install motion detectors in areas that are used seldom and for short periods of time. In hallways, storage rooms or also outside for walkway lighting. Motion detectors conveniently and automatically switch on and off when entering the defined areas.  

Efficiency classes
Select bulbs with a high energy-efficiency class. The EU label is displayed on every bulb packaging. The energy efficiency is determined based on the power consumption (luminous flux, units: lumen) per watt consumed. 'A++' designates extremely high energy efficiency, whereas 'E' is extremely low.